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Luontokuvaus-kamera huikealla zoomilla 4000 mm edullisesti

Haluatko kuvata eläimiä, lintuja, mielenosoituksia etäältä

Tämä on ainoa järkevä vaihtoehto sopivalla hinnalla,

huikea superzoom 520 e postikuluineen Amazon de, tärinanvaimennin omaa luokkaa, halpa muutaman euron kevyt monopodi tietysti auttaa. Video full HD. 4000 mm hyvällä kennorajaukselle kts kuvasarja 

Monopodi sallii nopean kuvauksen verrattuna tripodiin

The traditional downside of many point-and-shoot lenses is that the maximum apertures were relatively small and, especially as you zoomed in, the amount of light entering the lens was insufficient for photography in all but the brightest environments. The P900 has a pro-level aperture of f/2.8 at the wide end and an incredibly respectable f/6.5 at the extreme telephoto range. That Leica spotting scope I mentioned—f/11. The Reflex-NIKKOR—f/11, as well.
35mm equivalent focal length (left to right): 24mm, 70mm, 350mm, 2000mm
The farther you zoom in with a camera, the more that any movement imparted by your shaking hands is magnified. Camera shake is difficult to counteract at mortal focal lengths. When it comes to superzooms, a tiny bit of shake not only leaves you with a blurry image, it might mean you miss your target all together! To counter this shake on the COOLPIX P900, Nikon has strengthened its Vibration Reduction system to give shooters five-stop compensation with its Dual Detect Optical VR system.
Oh, before we move on to the controls, if 2000mm with the 83x zoom is insufficient for you, Nikon gives you a Dynamic Fine Zoom that digitally brings you to 4,000mm (166x zoom). Still need to zoom further? You may want to become an astronomer and book time at an observatory, or shop for a large telescope at B&H Photo.

The P900 features a 166x digital zoom for a 35mm equivalent focal length of 4000mm.
A hand appears inside the crown of the Statue.

Obligatory superzoom moon shot
35mm equivalent: 2000mm; 1/500, f/8.0; ISO 400

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