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Soini kehuu Islannin ratkaisua ja haukkuu Kreikan

Soini kehuu Islannin ratkaisua vapautua pankeista mutta Soini vaatii että Kreikka ei saa leikata velkoja valtion vastuusta - kuten Islanti teki.

Soinin paradoksit on tarkoitettu tyrmäämään koko kansakunta.



Perussuomalaisten hierarkian puoluekorruptio ja stagnaatio

Joseph Stiglitz, former World Bank chief economist & Nobel Prize winner in economics; Said:- “We should be clear: Almost none of the huge amount of money loaned to Greece has actually gone there; It has gone to pay out private-sector creditors – including German and French banks.” An ATTAC - Austria study showed that 77 percent of the €207 billion provided for the so-called “Greek bail-out” went to the financial sector and not to the Greek people."................................3 BILLION EURO , FOR 4 NEW GREEK SUBMARINES..................
Well after the economic crisis had begun [in 2010], Germany and France were trying to seal lucrative arms deals even as they were pushing us to make deep cuts in areas like health.”
Thus Berlin and Paris were knowingly inflating Greece’s debt, which was being used to provide a major market for their defence industries. That revolving door of finance was also spinning with corruption. In October 2013, Greece’s ex-defence minister Akis Tsochatsopoulous in the previous PASOK government was jailed for 20 years for his part in a bribery case involving $75 million and dozens of other Athens officials. Germany company Ferrostaal was also forced to pay $150 million for its role in the arms racket, which among other things secured the sale of four Class 214 submarines to Greece worth around $3 billion.
The convenient bogeyman in the Greek scenario was Turkey, which invaded Cyprus in 1975, and was portrayed as a perennial security threat to Greece. Washington, Berlin and Paris, along with corrupt politicians in Athens, played up the Turk threat in order to spin the revolving door of loans and military purchases. The sorry end to that scenario is now a Greek debt crisis which is rebounding with economic rape of the country led by the IMF and the EU powers, primarily Berlin and Paris.

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