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Voiko USA:n pres.vaalit olla lavastettu tapahtuma - Trump or not

Jos Amuurican presidentinvaalit on käsikirjoitettu niin on kyllä ovela dramaturgia miten hegemoniakoneisto käyttää kaikki arsenaalinsa Trumpin vihaamiseen ja halveksuntaan - voiko olla luotto arkkityyppiseen sankarin vastoinkäymisen vetovoimaan niin suuri.

Hegemoniakoneiston viha ja pilkka vaikuttaa kyllä aidolta ja niin hurjalla paineella tapahtuvaksi että mitään itsesabotaasia ei lavastukseen viittaa.  

Ja Trump selkeästi vastustaa eliitin sotahulluutta ja maailmansotaa sitä paljastaen ja on aina vastustanut imperialismin teurastuspuolta. Bernie ei - B on aina äänestänyt armeijan hyökkäysbudjettien puolesta.

Toinen asia on sitten äänestyksen väärentäminen tai Trumpin kellahtaminen kesken kampanjan.

Lisäys - epäilyksiä on ilmassa mutta mikä on clintonin koneiston tuottamaa


A political analyst for the Hill suggests that Donald Trump may actually be an agent of Hillary Clinton's conspiring to intentionally throw the election to assure the victory of the unpopular former Secretary of State. ‪#‎Hillary‬‪#‎Trump‬ ‪#‎politics‬
A top political analyst for The Hill renews the conspiracy theory that Trump may be a Manchurian candidate that is controlled not by Putin, but by Hillary Clinton in a bid…


Choice and Truth ja The Anti-Media jakoivat linkin.


Toispuoleista journalismia:

journalismi on helposti nähtävissä ideologiseksi, jos jos "journalistin" kriittistä asennetta ei sovelleta toiseen osapuoleen, vain toiseen ja massamediassa siis aina eliitin vastustajaan


There is a lot being written and spoken about Trump by intelligent and articulate commentators whose insights ...       HUFFINGTONPOST.COM

When the anti-aircraft fire intensifies, it's usually a sign that you're directly over the target. Various branches of the establishment -- Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, the media -- are now unleashing their arsenal on the Trump campaign.

Sanna "luovutti".
Hän joutui raottamaan todellisuutta. Hauskasti tekstin loppuosassa esitetään eliitin valta ainoaksi puolustettavaksi arvoksi. Fasismi on aivan avointa.

2nd Amendment. Babies. Purple hearts. The NFL. Breastfeeding. Immigration law. EB-5. H1-B. Iranian press footage. Endorsements. Deli meat. As someone who is…


Carl Nordberg 2016

- We have come here to where we are now, because of the accumulated evidence overwhelmingly clarifies that society's status quo is an outright fraud 
- which aims to deprive us of our individual powers and determination to act in the person's logical thinking. There is no time for further deliberation on the pros and cons of this or that part of the backdrop for the political polemics. It's all an irrational mishmash - an illogical morass. A massive scam. Money controls the economy that controls the policy, so democracy is not given any provider. More and more people now understand this faster. 
We have basically all our lives trained, rather, brainwashed by education aimed at preserving the current system and our own spiritual development for the system practical enough secured by TV - ättmaskinen as lab rats from birth to seek the softer easier way the way to our own happiness, the path of least resistance, and oh we all traveled ...... all the classic signs of a herding animal.
But I have enough moreover increasingly come to see this as the power formatted into us from birth in order to expand the power of their own power function by social control and passed from generation to generation for thousands of years. After all, one must still consider that this example Athanasius began with these graces large scale 325 AD Religion was created by the people, the purpose of religion has always been to guide and control people - in one direction or another
To make people believe that they should feel - experience - feelings of command, yes it said well actually most of which goes to say and it also highlights why we are out of power perspective, does not understand how the mechanism behind how our own feelings created - conditioned - depending on valuation grounds. Which then can be formatted ...
This also helps to explain why we have stripped our innate individuality and naturally conditioned emotional self-understanding and then have to be rebuilt and retrained to work as - in - a kind of cohesive fighting unit to go into battle and fight for those who enslaves us, then we ourselves struggling in order to strengthen our own enslavement. There is little that parallel to that we really struggle to get more debt while we think we are fighting for our individual economic freedom, without understanding the whole system consists of only debt and that we always sooner or later, therefore, become losers.
With the introduction of designer medical preparations and for this expert psychological manipulation, combined with nonstop propaganda via the idiot box and controlled news media, has never been so few been able to control so many so completely and so simple.
Scroll back in time and examine Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid with this in mind. The belief that human beings are naturally violent and greedy is a myth perpetuated by the "rulers" of governments formatting system to serve their own purpose to be swallowed as a matter of public record, which then really just looking to justify and rationalize our own will and apathetic participation a polarization creative killing machine. Fear is a very poor long-term motivation if you try to perpetuate violence among the slaves as a control mechanism. Hardly anyone except Annie Lööf and Madeleine Nottoalbright believe anymore that the bombing of children in the Gaza Strip creates positive effects. So psychosocial house of cards is now very fragile.
At this point in our delegation to brief the house's collective madness we are still more than willing to internalize all the information that our own individual truth and therefore also everything around us ultimately false, we are conditioned to relate agree with anything no matter how ridiculous or categorically stupid and inconsistent it is with common sense or rational logic established fact. This is the central tenant of self - denial incarnate in us the will to believe what we want to believe without any critical examination or testing, will not reflect, and to reconnect to the tank - laziness.
Therefore, by controlling the overall auspices of what determines what is true and false, and then feed the people information that confirms what they have previously been conditioned to believe, we are for the most part willing to be led around in the unconscious sake nose rings wherever our men take US. We will play as puppets and yet we believe that most (if not all) of our own thoughts and decisions are taken by ourselves as independent units and not as part of a controlled and manipulated the public, which for generations has been formatted culturally to fit into the pattern of the governing mechanism of power.
The fact that we can choose to leave home to work 6:53 or 7:10, doing so that we can maintain the illusion of freedom of choice that really means very little in practice, we still have to be at work later than 08:00. We conduct these psychological tricks to feed and soothe our increasingly growing and hollow ego to deny our captivity and that we subconsciously encouraged to do so by our owners. From the master's point of view, the only thing better than keeping slaves are slaves who keep to themselves. The ego is the desire for separation and we so want to be individuals even though we are afraid of ourselves based on what others will think - everything is now moving backwards.
Our ego has become so thoroughly flattered since the birth of delusions of freedom, truth, justice and the general way in people's home so it will excuse himself, along with visions of our magnificent benevolence to the world, that we would never tolerate, much less maintain, idea we actually just herded like sheep and cattle to our own thinking, feeds and reproduces this culture. The sleeping people. At this point in the collective farce is the only difference between the Soviet Union in the 1970s and '80s and Sweden in 2016, that the Russian people, in most cases knew it was lies, used and abused as a method of power to break resistance.
And while they openly drowned this ugly insight into alcohol, so they also had nonetheless developed alternative markets and change systems that proved to be useful when the system later collapsed. Nonetheless, we remain spellbound by the Wizard and our simultaneous self-medication; only we tell ourselves that we do it for various reasons, such as depression, anxiety, or any other excuse available to them. What no one wants to discuss is that our depression is actually the warning signal indicating that something is terribly wrong within ourselves. Unfortunately, so given the shadow of a chance, so marching still in denial ourselves on the opportunities available whenever it gets the chance, and it must always be countered individually, there is the requirement that we must ask ourselves.
In light of enlightenment will therefore now also the soul's darkness to many.

Professori Markku Kuisman mukaan Ukrainan kriisi katkaisi Suomelle myönteisen kehityksen Venäjän kaupassa.

Pahin CIA:n ohjaama uutismedia väärensi tuhansille toimittajille menevän materiaalin ja nosti Hillaryn valheellisesti Trumpin ohi fiksatussa gallupissa mutta jälkikäteen pyyhki väärennöksen pois netistä ja arkistosta
Pat Caddell on 'Cooked' Reuters Poll: 'Never in My Life Have I Seen a News Organization Do Something So Dishonest' - Breitbart 

Sotahulluuden nousu on yksinkertainen skenaario.
Eliitin ainoa keino säilyttää valta on julistaa sotatila ja sotia poikkeuslakien alla ilman vastuuta talouden tuhoamisesta keinottelulle ja eliitin "rikastumiselle":

Suomessakin halutaan lisätä poliisivaltiolle kuuluvia piirteitä ja luoda DDR-henkistä kansalaisiin…

Donald Trump says November’s US presidential election “is going to be rigged,” making the claim twice on Monday. The property tycoon also called his rival Hillary…

Submitted by IWB, on July 12th, 2016 Image courtesy of www.digitaljournal.com
It seems that our beloved FBI Director is or until very recently was a director and…

  Miten imperialismi toimii salaisen vallan kautta

Breedhate as Dr. Strangelove - in action. MUST READ.
And follow hacktivist stars DCLeaks.

DCleaks is a new level project aimed to analyze and publish a large amount of emails from top-ranking officials and their influence agents all over the world. The project was launched by the American hacktivists who respect and appreciate…

    CIA:n ohjelmoima Hollywood ja valerauhantekijät

George Clooney is being paid by the world’s top two war profiteers, Lockheed-Martin and Boeing, to oppose war profiteering by Africans disloyal to the U.S.…

Special forces operations should be subject to proper democratic oversight through a new War Powers Act, which would prevent troops being risked in Britain’s ‘shadow…

A mind blowing video from 1958 has surfaced in which Robert Welch, founder of the…

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The Census Bureau says 15 percent of the country is living in poverty, but the reality is much worse

The document outlines chilling plans the government have to control our children.

"Same person"

A new Clinton ad explains much about why America’s war party fears Trump.

A new Clinton ad explains much about why America’s war party fears Trump. He calls NATO “obsolete” and may try normalizing ties with Russia for the first time since an alliance of necessity against...

  The New York Times > video

Kiina on jo 100% yhdistelmä Orwellia ja Brave New Worldia, digitaalista narkomaniaa. Orwellin kirjassa siis henkilöitä kannustetaan muistin ja havaintojen väärentämiseen pelon voimalla, Bravessa taas ihailemaan luokkajakoa ja omaa tehtävää omassa lokerossa pillereidenja ekstaattisen ajatusmallin kautta.
Manipulaatiokontroli on täydellistä - toimittajat eivät uskalla kuvailla massojen ohjausta jotta eurooppalaiset eivät heräisi kysymään mikä on samaa nyt euroterrorissa, EU-uneomakontrollissa...
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The New York Times lisäsi uuden videon How China Is Changing Your Internet.

China's internet may now offer a glimpse of the future — and American companies are taking notice.

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