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Kanada hyökkää Ukrainaan aseviennillä kuten Puola, Latvia

Kanada on vahvistanut että se roudaa tappavaa rautaa Kiovan natseille. 
Kansainvälistä lakia rikkoen.

Maailmansotaa yritetään käynnistää todenteolla. Pössyttelevät, orgaanista olutta litkivät Kanadalaiset eivät ymmärrä olevansa CIA-NSA:n 100% kaappama bulvaani. Puola ja Latvia ovat roudanneet rautaa 12 kk - kuinka moni suomalainen tietää? 

CIA ja britit ovat kouluttaneet Kiovan uusnatseja viidettä vuotta. 

-- Carl Norberg 
- And so it begins. For a little while ago, Bloomberg reported that quoted Canada's Defence Minister Rob Nicholson spoke in Trenton, Ontario, to Canada, a NATO member, will send military equipment to Ukraine. Ukraine will in turn probably use "supplies" to protect the eastern border, although one might Mosaic - Oops. morally consistent should ask materiel to ISIS disposal, because when US military equipment that was intended for Al-Qaeda peace be with the backdrop, the group also went to the Syrian rebels would overthrow Assad ... 
So to be sure that this military expansion CaNato is purely symbolic, but still is the first formal input from a NATO member Ukraine dispute, this will ensure that everything is now just escalates from here. What happens next is anyone's guess as well as ours, but with this formal expansion of the "regional" proxy war to include the Western powers, making the new Cold War quite warm, so Putin is safe to write an appropriate response to ensure that what that was, until now, only a limited civil war that involved "only" Ukraine Participants, if only on paper, but expanded into a global strain question of formidable magnitude. After all, why get paid in the dream-based digital confetti if you do not have to. Keep in mind that when Putin may well have been in the process of supporting the rebels eastern Ukraine, so it was still never a question of formal recognition of this. But now that the new NATO forces will be effectively glued to the Russian border, the Kremlin simply avail the pretext of interventions needed to justify their own military expansion into a conflict that will claim, and only based on self-preservation against the clear NATO commitment and expansion, that is, "defensive". So on, because Canada is now involved, expect the second NATO member countries will also have to jump in, which provoke the Russian bear to be much more engaged and leading to a sequential development of events is hardly going to be pleasant for anyone.   Fiat Lux, Let there be light

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