tiistaina, marraskuuta 14, 2006

Borat has kicked :: and been kicked...

"Borat" has done it boldly.

"Because in this stupid, uptight, politically correct climate, where you can't say anything—can't call an American Indian an Indian—how wonderful that a movie like 'Borat' comes out and says, 'You are all f---ing insane'," says Rivers. "We're such a sick, scared society. We are terrified to say anything about anything."
"In the largely unscripted film the faux TV journalist travels to America..."
Well, that´s partly true. But. The main story and settings are scripted, only the live dialog is somehow unscripted. You can see how some characters are quite obviously got some specific guidelines before camera has started.

And Borat as character has gone a beat too far.
Bigger than life? At least inside Sacha Baron´s head. Now the reality has kicked it little bit open.

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