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Skotlannin vaalit valtavana väärennöksenä

   Päivitys II

  • Scottish referendum vote-rigging claims spark calls for recount

Tens of thousands sign petitions wanting recount or fresh vote based on videos that purport to show evidence of electoral fraud



Nyt vasta BBC uutisoi vakavista vaalihuijauksista Skotlannissa kun muu mediakenttä on luovuttanut torjunnan

Aika vakava vaalipetos on Skotlannissa runnottu läpi

"Naomi Wolf postaili aika hyvin lakeja:

skoteilla olis lain mukaan oikeus nähdä kaikki äänestysrekisterit ja vaalirekisterit mut keskusvaalilautakunta ilmoittaa ettei sillä ole mitään sellaisia kyselijöille"

The hundreds of named, identified and located reports we have now collated of blank ballots -- have NOT been investigated by Mary Pitcaithly.In fact all of the voters who have sent us their reports say that they have had no response from local councils, police or the Electoral Commission

Scottish Referendum Rigging

I was officially asked to attend one of my local stations as a Yes representative. I was there for the whole day and night. The things I saw were criminal.

Firstly...a good number of ppl approached me and asked if they'd be allowed to vote as they had forgotten their voters card. I informed them exactly what the electoral commission had told me. Voters can vote without the card so long as they had photo ID to verify who they were. When coming out I asked same ppl if they had any problems only to be told by them ALL...they didn't even ask me for ID.
Also, at the end of the night I witnessed the boxes being sealed (bit of tape with a serial number over the posting slot). A West Lothian council van driver had arrived before this on his OWN. When I asked him where the guardians are..he looked at me like he didn't have a clue what I was on about. I explained what they were only to have him and a few of the polling officers pissing themselves and making absurd jokes along the lines of...what do you think is going to happen likes...basically trying to humiliate me so I backed off. It is my understanding that the driver was alone and no one checked his van nor was there any form of safeguards in place to ensure he couldn't take a detour or meet with someone else to change the ballot boxes! Pippa Plevin and one other YES representative witnessed this too,
2 illegals that require serious investigation IMHO. Totally and utterly gutted. More so because I don't want to leave my country but I certainly don't want to live in a country which I am completely disgusted with. As if it's not bad enough to think there was any minority/majority who were against their country being set free...I now have to consider that a minority of OUR ppl played their part in something which IMHO amounts to nothing less than election rigging against their own country folk.
Saor Alba gu brath!
Clackmannanshire have similar story, they expected min 80% yes.
Things don't add up. Video evidence of sorter switching yea votes to no basket, someone clearly filling in ballot papers at counting office on video, yea votes on no table, neatly folded and sorted ballots from sealed ballot box, thousands of voters being told theyve already voted, voters all over Scotland told to fold and leave ballot on top of supposedly full box, 2 alarms and evacs in Dundee a city that was widely touted by all parties as nearly 100% YES but only narrowly won, Glasgow also expected high YES narrow win, SNP strongholds demolished, 28 from 32 regions convincing no, 1.4m registered voters signed declaration leaving 2.8m and YES only get extra 200k votes statistically unlikely, absolute 100% confidence and smuggness from no camp all day when no exit polls never showed any worry when Dundee vote closed gap, towns and villages matching as one to vote YES but no wins, 10 ballot boxes removed from count in Glasgow, W Lothian returning more when official paper shows less.
Also pre vote breaking of rules. Even though they claim now that they never they insisted "NEW" powers.
The whole process in my opinion is a 100% fix and there should be a revote.
On change.org there are 2 petitions, I demanding revote, the 2nd refusing to accept the result. Please have a look and sign both.

Paul Birrell


"EKP ja EU pakottivat Irlannin valtion ottamaan pankkien tappiot kontolleen. Rauhanliitto."

Why. Oh yes

World’s Largest Oil Field Found Off Scottish Coast


"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."
- Aesop (Greek slave & fable author, 620 BC - 560 BC)


Mitä media ei kertonut, Skotlanti eroaa automaattisesti EUsta jos se eroaa London Citystä ja joutuu hakemaan jäsenyyttä uudestaan jos pääministerin vaatimus toteutuu MUTTA talous on niin huono että se ei onnistu asetusten mukaan.

 Salaisia EU-sopimuksia Irlannin ajamisesta halpatyömaaksi;

 Uusliberalistiset valtion purkamiset kiihtyvät. Euro-orgiat eliitin iloisessa veätyksessä

Lisäksi ilmassa on ollut huijauksen tuntua liian kevyessä hehkutuksessa: miten talous muka selviää - edes KUIHTUVISTA öljyalueiden omistuksesta ei ole käyty selvää julistusta tai sopimusta.

Pääministeri on pimittänyt hurjan määrän asioita joita hän ei ole selvittänyt julkisesti.

Saksalaisen aatelisterrorin puolesta

Suomi maksanut Englannin puolesta EU:lle 1,7 miljardia euroa

(engl. kuningashuone on saksalainen sukujuuriltaan ja sillä on yhä salainen veto-oikeus pääministerin esityksiin ennaltakäsin eli Englannissa ei ole demokratiaa)


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Electoral fraud alleged in Glasgow as referendum votes counted

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