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Silkkitien perustajat: suomalaiset muumiot Kiinassa

Suomalaiset vaaleatukkaiset ja punatukkaiset muumiot.

Suomalaiset heimot aloittivat silkkitien ja hoitivat välietappiasemat.

Kuulostaako uskomattomalta?

--  During an excavation beneath the Tarim Basin in western China, archaeologists were surprised to discover more than 100 mummified corpses that dated back 2,000 years. But a college professor named Victor Mair was downright stupefied when he came skull-to-skull with some of the blonde-haired and long-nosed Tarim mummies after they were dug up and put on display at a museum. So in 1993, Mair returned to collect DNA samples from the mummies. Test results ultimately validated his hunch that the bodies were of European genetic stock.

While Ancient Chinese texts from as early as the first millennium B.C. describe groups of far-East dwelling Caucasian people, there is no mention of how or why they ended up there. -- KOhta 9:

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