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Mind the Gap

What kind of political will lives from war?..

Mind The Gap

The dramatized world
of terror politics

documentary video online 40-min.

When terrorism is like open
check for western war lords.

When police state is all
politics are about to yearn.

Did 9 11 create a culture of secrecy?

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Dostoyevsky on Terror and the Question of the West

Peggy Heller (University of King’s College, Halifax)

The terrorist attack on the US on September 11 has renewed interest in Dostoyevsky’s great political novel The Devils (also called Demons or The Possessed). For a number of recent commentators, Dostoyevsky’s psychological portraits of individuals belonging to a terrorist cell in imperial Russia can offer us insight into the motivations of modern-day terrorists. Whether they concern nineteenth-century nihilists or twenty-first century Islamicists, such analyses of terrorism typically depict it as arising out of the cultural conflicts occasioned by modernity understood as a process of ‘Westernization.’ André Glucksmann, in his 2002 Dostoievski à Manhattan, for example, argues that terror arises out of Western nihilism, and American neo-conservatives infamously argue that it is an expression of the envy of the success of the West on the part of outsiders. In this paper I intend to explore how Dostoyevsky’s own diagnosis of terrorism was framed by the question of the Russian intellectual’s relation to Westernization, and how his exploration of this question can be connected to contemporary debates over ‘the clash of civilizations’. In addition, I will ask whether or not his novel conveys the political ideas that commentators, including Dostoyevsky himself, have claimed for it.

Avoin kirje kansanedustajille koskien Britannian "terrorismipidätyksiä"

Na-qoy-qatsi: (nah koy’ kahtsee)

N. From the Hopi Language.

1. A life of killing each other.

2. War as a way of life.

3. (Interpreted) Civilized violence.

The medium is our story. In this scenario human beings do not use technology as a tool (the popular point-of-view), but rather we live technology as a way of life. Technology is the big force and like oxygen it is always there, a necessity that we cannot live without. Because its appetite is seemly infinite, it is consuming the finite world of nature. It is in this sense that technology is NAQOYQATSI, a sanctioned aggression against the force of life itself - war life, a total - war beyond the wars of the battlefield.

NAQOYQATSI - Visually altered film with state-of-the-art digital techniques, stream across the screen in synch with a hypnotic score by Philip Glass, featuring the passionate cello work of Yo-Yo Ma.

Trailer .mov


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