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All Heil Herr Cruise

Now, the hero and Jesus-substitute of the totalitarian sect is going to play hero, who fights back one of the most darkest sects in human history. There is plenty of paradoxes in this world.

"Protesters say one of the few heroes of the Nazi era should not be played by a Scientology advocate. Social Democratic MP Klaus Uwe Benneter said, Stauffenberg: 'is to be played by an actor whose sect, through dubious methods, attempts to lure people and make them pliable.'"-

"I find that Stauffenberg stood for the most noble motives a person can have," Frank Henkel, the general secretary of the Berlin chapter of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, told rolling news channel NTV. "I consider Tom Cruise as a self-proclaimed ambassador of Scientology inappropriate for the role." - SAWF

The feature film The Bridge,

"dramatized documentary" is about everyday Scientology. This is director´s personal experience of cult named scientology. Where is no room for personality or individual thinking. Only the leaders and cult stars have exclusive order to behave as free individuals. It's available online to watch. This is not a feel good flick to experience but quite impressive piece of distorted reality from this world.

Despite the technical inaccuracies, many ex-scientologists and non-scientologists are impressed by the film. With some ex-scientologists commenting that the film does not come close to showing how bad it actually is inside of the Church of Scientology. - AC Associated Content

German, Denmark, French and Finland have not given religion status for Scientology.
And there is many reasons. All Heil Herr Cruise.

Hubbard's Scientology 'built on nonsense'

Stop scientology

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