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Is Gordon Brown a Machiavellian genius?

Is Gordon Brown

a Machiavellian genius?

  • "Gordon Brown has pledged to wage a cultural war on terrorism similar to that used against communism during the cold war." - Guardian
  • "His immediate aim is national unity and alertness," the newspaper added.Even the conservative Daily Telegraph, a regular critic of Blair and the governing Labour party, had praise for Brown's handling over the last few days." -Yahoo news coverage
  • Blair gets aggressive in matters of defence. Tony Blair called for a national debate about the need to preserve Britain's status as a global military power, appearing to accept that defence spending will have to rise. - The Scotsman
These all articles are before Glasgow´s strange police show, those not so explosive "Car bombs". You can read these like shopping list for resent incidents.

Ask one question.

Could current military politics and police state politics be executed without dramatized terrorism, that exaggerated concept of threat? Without need of conflict?


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