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Cannes elokuvafestivaalin mustat hevoset 2009

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Lars von Trier


The top ten films at Cannes

If something gets too traumatic, too violent, gets too, even too
filled in with enjoyment, it shatters the coordinates of our reality:
we have to fictionalise it. - Zizek

But the biggest award of the festival, the Palme d'Or, went to Michael Haneke's chilly black-and-white parable of fascism set in a small German town on the eve of the first world war.

The White Ribbon is a complex and demanding
whodunit without a straightforward resolution.


The White Ribbon
- Can Cannes spring
a late surprise?

Jury Prize Fish Tank

Violence dominates at Cannes BBC

What the US papers say about the Cannes film festival

What the UK papers say about the first week at Cannes

A bumper year at the Cannes film festival appears to have made UK critics more generous with their star ratings. Except for Lars von Trier's Antichrist



No doubt one of the more anticipated films
being shown at Cannes is Oldboy director
Park Chan-wook's foray into vampirism, Thirst

Loach batted away one question on the "psychology and sexual release of football" to explain his love of the beautiful game: "I've never felt that going to a football match was an anthropological exercise. I just want to see my team win. It does bring people together and it is an expression of community and it's also probably the only time it's permissible to be nationalistic."
"Also it's a time when people can let their feelings be expressed. At the game you go from despair to hope to triumph to sadness to elation within an hour and three quarters. If a film could achieve that it would be some film, I can tell you." - Guardian

Eli Roth, one of the Basterds of the title, described a scene in which he metes out violent justice to a high-ranking Nazi as "kosher porn". He said: "It's something I have fantasised about since I was a young child. It was like performing a sex scene."

A moment from "Colin", a British zombie movie made on a budget of just £45 which could be the surprise success story of the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes dearly needed a good smack

In some cases forcing people to push the boundaries is a win-win situation. Lars von Trier expertly milks the bear-pit atmosphere, dishing up nightmares then cackling at our discomfort. But, partly as a result, he's made a masterpiece – I'd far rather sit through Antichrist again than Jane Campion's wet blanket Bright Star.

Lars von Trier film
"Antichrist" shocks Cannes

They decide to go to an isolated wooden cabin in an unspecified
forest to recover, but the woman Gainsbourg portrays loses control of her senses.

Variety's Todd McCarthy called it "a big fat art-film fart", while The Times' reviewer described it as "emotionally uninvolving" and "turgidly dull". BBC

Five star: Absurd, deranged, sick

Lars von Trierin uusi elokuva aiheutti ensimmäisen kunnon kohun Cannesissa. Ensiesityksessä naurettiin ja buuattiin voimakkaasti, ja monien mielestä koko elokuvaa ei olisi edes pitänyt hyväksyä Cannesiin. Pitkin elokuvaa väki huokaili toistuvasti Trierin eroottisen ja väkivaltaisen shokkikuvaston alla. -

Cannes report:

AC, 'The closest film to a scream'

cannes2009 france24

Francis Ford Coppola on his
most personal film yet

"Well, this film is obviously tackling some demons in my own family," he says. "You know families - you love all these people, but you hate them. But you love them. It's a very cloudy situation. But making a film like this was like asking a question and receiving some kind of answer. I learned some things about myself that I didn't know before. I didn't know that I felt abandoned by my brother. My brother was so good to me." He chuckles. "I'm 70 years old and I'm only finding this stuff out now.

BBC.Reporter's log: Cannes 2009

Cannes in 60 Seconds: Monday, May 18, 2009

Cannes keeps faith with auteurism

The cast of the film
"La Merditude des Choses" (The Misfortunates) by Belgian director Felix van Groeningen, ride bicycles naked on the Croisette on May 16th to promote their film


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