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Antropologin vierailu keskiviikkona

Antropologin vierailu siis keskiviikkona

Vierailuluento: Professori Bruce Kapferer:
Victor Turner, Symbolic Imagination and the Power of Ritual.
Paikka Unioninkatu 38, sali D112 , Helsinki
Kampus Keskusta Aika 31.1.2007 klo 14.15 Kuvaus

Bergenin yliopiston professori Bruce Kapferer luennoiVictor Turnerin merkityksestä rituaalitutkimukselle. Järjestäjä Sosiologian laitos/sosiaali- ja kulttuuriantropologia.

"So ritual for me is not just ritual. It opens up a whole series of conceptual, philosophical, theoretical issues: you then move into worlds that may not be actually ritual in themselves. That's the direction of Vic, who was very influential upon me and used to argue with me on that, and I was also very influenced by Marshall Sahlins."

"...There was another, alternative line which was coming out of the same tradition but went in another direction, and that was from Victor Turner, actually. He refused the optative model, argued that we should still continue looking at conflict and disputes, which is certainly what we were all interested in - from a Freudian angle: conflict revealed the inner structures of things. But he stressed with respect to the Ndembu - though people of course make choices and so forth - that people were ultimately bound by duty and obligation, which overrode free choice. In fact, although he doesn't admit it, he was much more expressing Gluckman's original position than the sort of developments out of Gluckman by Mitchell, Epstein, to some extent, and certainly Jaap van Velsen."

Bruce Kapferer - An interview

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