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Why is Borat number one?

In fact, Mazer told the BBC News website it was "95% scripted".

"Perversely, even though it's not tightly scripted, we ended up writing much more than you would do in an ordinary script - because we had to prepare ourselves for every eventuality."

Is there any reasonable reason
why a film about total racist idiot
is No 1 in film box offices?
And fun one?

Well, you can always ask also how a total idiot can be a president of the country with ultra dangerous military power.

As those ancient greeks...

In the middle age the most important political arena for common people in Europe were jokers and really obscene theater groups. They presented political situations, characters and secrets as extreme vulgar jokes when there was only one absolut political power, the despot to rule all country.

Why in earth despots, kings and princes allowed even in their closed courts amusement moments with these mad and shameless artists?
Because when the political reality was openly despotic without change or challenge there was only relief for political "freedom" through imagination, comedy and dissolute parody.

And without relief human consciousness will go tilt.

In ancient greek there was always after serious tragedy performance a comedy about that tragedy.

Theater as art form is born from dionysian wine, dance and drug rituals and culture to explore, expand consciousness and dig up darkest and funniest stories about human and mythical god characters.

Borat is a Zeus-story.
What a heck?
Borat has a huge ego, Borat is chasing a Woman of the moment - like Zeus - and doing whatever he wants whenever he will want. He wants to pregnate the most wanted woman. Very Zeus-like action. World is for Borat only like playground and for self admiration - like for Zeus.

Zeus is as metaphor of human "ego" without social conscience "supergo". Like 4 years old narsistically damaged boy, who thinks he is the center of the universe.

Childish omnipotent macho without moral - a story of Zeus with gigantic, godly libido pushingf restricting traumas away from conscience .

"Borat"-concept is also kind of logical step after Michael Moore´s hysterical, odd, fun and sad documentarism to explore mad world. Despair and madness is without doubt part of chaotic "globalisation".

Borat as a character is simply quite straight and honest machoismo vision of the political truth of this world´s "power" players, hustlers, reverends, mafiosos and politics.

And as you know, now this american "evancelical" "leader", newest example of obsessive moralist, who steps down after moral "mistakes", is really like some direct character of Sacha Baron Cohen.

Reality related comedy always tops the comical imagination.

Political comedy is here to be. http://www.borat.tv/

Yahoo video: Borat - Sacha Baron Cohen

Newsweek - Funny but serious

* Täytyy myöntää, että Uuno Turhapuron proto-borat-hahmossa oli jotain hyvin samaa kuin Boratissa...


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