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Interaktiivista flash-leikittelyä


ja Flash-piirtotaulu - Riemurasia

is the  web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time

Suunnittele omat pelit ja jaa ne Nintendolla

Jimi Hendrixin viimeinen
nauhoitussessio netissä
free music mpe stream

Tämän vuosituhannen tähän asti tärkein elokuva
nyt DVD:llä ennen Finnkinon julkaisua


Valkoinen nauha
Das Weisse Band

Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2009, this brilliant dissection of a community's ills is Haneke's most ambitious film yet. It succeeds brilliantly, says Milo Wakelin.
"Films that are entertainments give simple answers but I think that's ultimately more cynical, as it denies the viewer room to think," explains Michael Haneke. "If there are more questions at the end, then surely it is a richer experience." 
The story is set in 1913 in Eichwald, a small protestant German town which has been beset by a series of unfortunate accidents, some minor, some tragic, and some sinister. First the Doctor (Rainer Bock) falls from his horse after stumbles over a tripwire. Soon, cabbage patches are vandalised, fires started, toy flutes stolen - and then the violence takes on a darker, more ritualistic character.

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