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David Lynch art Works

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David Lynch Art Works

Lynch viDeo inTerview
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Elokuvantekijä tuulen armosta
-Suomen Kuvalehti
"Ehkä näyttely kiertää tämän jälkeen muissakin maissa.
Ehkä Suomessakin, silloin voisin tavata Aki Kaurismäen," hän virnistää.

Inland Empire :: review
"Five years on, the director makes up
for his absence both with volume – the film is three hours long – and with a
grandstanding, eye-opening stage-presence: ‘Inland Empire’ is as arresting, disturbing and puzzling
as anything he’s ever made and takes the tag
to new levels, not all desirable.It’s near-incomprehensible in terms of conventional narrative and so, more even than with Lynch’s other films, it’s worth ditching any masochistic desire to unravel its plot. Instead, ‘Inland Empire’ plays
like a dirty,
inescapable nightmare fuelled by nasty night-time drugs.
It’s a nightmare
born of cinema..."


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