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Yahoo Cannes coverage 2007

Yahoo Cannes coverage 2007

Variety Cannes 2007

Guardian Trash Cannes

Philosophically minded
Estonian pic "Magnus"

"is a profound emotional experience.
Story begins as handsome youth Magnus (Kristjan Kasearu) and his dishevelled roly-poly father (Mart Laisk) take a ferry trip to a wilderness reserve for their first real holiday together. Flashbacks reveal a chaotic childhood where a sickly Magnus was present while his father took drugs and recruited women for German pornography. His sluttish hysterical banshee mother (Merle Jaager) knows her son is headed for trouble, but her admonishments are meaningless. Helmer's script and direction takes several creative risks and, except for the final counterproductive post-script device, all pay off handsomely." -Variety
Roy Andersson

'You, the Living'


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